Anatomy of a Leader

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August 19, 2018
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Kariyer ve Liderlik Anatomisi

One of the most important case of the success of any organization is the managing style and the characteristics of the leader. Good leaders always push the organization they lead further and better. So, how is the anatomy of such leader?

Surely, different leaders produce different management approach, however good leaders have some mutual features. We can associate these features various organs in our body, like below.


Good leaders Good leaders have sharp eyes. They see well around them. They track and notice. Moreover, they have better vision on long distance. They can see well what is waiting for them ahead.


The best leaders use their ears not only to hold their glasses, but also to listen. They listen clients, managers, but the most importantly they listen to their staff. Good leaders are good listeners.


Good leaders are good communicators. They provide the messages are succesfully taken, either they speak to a group or a person.


Good leaders are like strong shoulders. They can bear the weight of the organizasiton. Moreover, they can distribute the weight, responsibilities proper.


With the except of exceptions, all people want the leadership of a leader. Good leaders are like feet that carry those after them to the right place. They do the right things for the right reasons and try to be seen by example.


Good leaders are willing to help their teams even they have their own work and priorities. They put their skills and experience at the disposal of their teams in a useful, non-excessive or non-controlling way to these situations.


Good leaders have soft touches. In addition, they know well to keep the pulse of their organizations with their soft touch.


Leadershipis about directing others. It's important to have emotions and can emphasize to have emotions. People follow people who care about them. People want people who believe in themselves. No leader is perfect without a big, strong heart.


Good leaders are smart. They constantly learn and improve their skills. Knowing that being a great leader is a journey, they continue on the path of learning and development. They use their heads to think about problems and make logical decisions based on facts and feelings.

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