Just find the suitable clock for your home decoration!

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January 6, 2019
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Just find the suitable clock for your home decoration!

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Just find the suitable clock for your home decoration!

Just find the suitable clock for your home decoration!

Clocks are indispensable elements of home decoration not only to show what time it is, but also because they complement the elegance of your carefully painted walls. Wall clocks, which can change the air of the rooms with a single touch if selected in the appropriate style, now have such a variety of designs that it can be a bit difficult to choose from.

If you are having difficulty to decide on the most suitable clock for your home decoration, you should definitely read our inspiring article where we search for wall clock models for the decoration style!

For retro-designed homes

If you have designed a retro decoration for your home, the wall clocks you choose should reflect the spirit of this decoration style. A wall clock with a large dial and wood detail which is highly compatible with natural wood furniture, which is often used in retro home decoration is powerful enough to change the whole atmosphere of the room.

Another wall clock model, which is also very suitable for retro-designed houses, is the geometric form wall clocks that bear the effects of the pop-art movement that swept the 60s. You can find these clocks at antique stores and shops selling vintage decorative objects, as well as have a look at your grandmothers' boxes!

For homes furnished in Country and Shabby Chic style

One of the best wall clock models for English country and shabby chic styles, which are popular home decoration styles of recent years, is these station type clocks. It is possible to obtain these watches, which are a great complement especially in the kitchen and hall sections, at affordable prices from stores selling souvenirs and household items. You can get a look that nobody has on your walls by making different compositions with the same style, Roman numerals and old wooden wall clocks.

For homes decorated in modern&minimalist style

ven though a mechanical clock figure with a round dial comes to mind when we talk about wall clocks, now there are hundreds of different alternatives to these classic wall clocks. You can give your home the atmosphere of a contemporary art gallery by using this style of led wall clocks, which are especially suitable for modern and minimalist furnished homes.

You can mount wall clocks without dial plates, which are extremely simple but at the same time assertive, directly on your walls and continue to make your style show on the walls.

For homes innovative and creative

Who doesn't love the cuckoo clocks we've seen and admired at our grandmothers' homes? If you still love these watches, you will love this model, which is a modern alternative to those heavy and overly ornate cuckoo clocks.

Those who want a creative touch in every corner of their home or office will not be indifferent to these pillow-like wall clocks! You can buy this type of wall clock, or if you are confident in your dexterity, you can even design it yourself by combining a standard clock mechanism with the materials you want.


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